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Dota 2 Shadow Friend Social and 1v1

March 14 @ 7:00 pm - March 15 @ 2:00 am


BUY TICKETS: http://organizedgaming.co/event/dota-2-shadow-friend-social-and-1v1/

At Organized Gaming, we’re gearing up for what we believe will be an amazing year for the world of eSports. Of course, that means tons of games, tournaments, and fun times for all. What better way to kick off a great year in gaming than with a March Break Social?

As always, we’ll be setting up organized in-house games and scrims for the local teams and players who attend! Not only that, but we’ll be organizing a 1v1 tournament, where runners-up will receive Organized Gaming Merch, and the winner will also receive a special prize! 2 DotA 2 Steam Gift Cards worth $40 total!

This will be a private event. Net Effect will be closed to the public so you will need tickets in advance to attend. This is a BYOB event.

Each ticket comes with:
● Free entry to the 1v1 tournament
● Chance to win OG swag



● Bo3 (Best of 3) Single Elimination
● Bo5 (Best of 5) Grand Final
● Bo3 Format: Initial coin flip is done by the two participants. Winner chooses who picks 1st. 2nd match is picked by the opposite player.
● Bo5 Format: Initial coin flip is done by the two participants. Winner chooses who picks 1st and 3rd. 2nd and 4th match is picked by the opposite player.

Tiebreakers in any format are to be played as Shadow Fiend.


The following items and actions are not allowed:
1. Jungling
2. Blocking the creeps or changing their direction (e.g. Fissure).
3. Soul Ring
4. Infused Raindrop
5. Runes
6. Bottle
7. Activating a Shrine
8. Couriers are automatically deployed.

Victory condition:
Kill enemy hero twice or destroy one tower.

BUY TICKETS: http://organizedgaming.co/event/dota-2-shadow-friend-social-and-1v1/


Organized Gaming provides monthly events to celebrate eSports in many different capacities. We are a community of fans of gaming and all that supports it. We are a media, event, and (soon-to-be) apparel brand.

Our events are for everybody to come and enjoy! You don’t have to be of any particular skill level. We are just as willing to teach those new to the game as we are willing to marvel at your amazing ability at it.

Do you have a game, format, or tournament that you think Organized Gaming would be appropriate to run as an event? Let us know!

Stay safe and see you then!


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.


March 14 @ 7:00 pm
March 15 @ 2:00 am
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Toronto, ON m4y1m7 Canada


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